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Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing and the Art of Ingenious Growth

With Sofia being launched this year as the first publicly human interacted self-learning robot, there is no denial that the field of statistical machine learning has importance less than anything in the world. But when the term “self-learning” allures the mind of common being, it is hard to imagine the power of it alone. Where […]

Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses in the UK of Harnessing the Power of Cloud

Introduction Technology trend changes every year but not the core of the technology. Cloud services in the UK have proved this point. Until now, IT network, its applications and tools has helped many small and medium scale businesses. However, the times have changed. Now it is the time to adopt new technology or combination of […]

Applications of AI for Small and Medium Businesses in UK

-What is AI AI depicts an arrangement of advanced universally useful digital technologies that empower machines to do exceptionally complex tasks adequately.  It intends to recreate capacities that would require knowledge if people were to perform them. AI includes creativity, adaptation and learning, planning and reasoning, knowledge extraction, interaction and sensory understanding. -What AI can […]

Cloud Computing outlook for small and medium business in UK in 2019

We live in a complex digital world. A world that is progressing at a pace faster than it ever did in human history. For entrepreneurs, evolving using latest technologies is instrumental to their business’s success. Cloud Computing1 is a resource which can be beneficial to start up’s and medium sized businesses due to its expandability. […]

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