Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing and the Art of Ingenious Growth

With Sofia being launched this year as the first publicly human interacted self-learning robot, there is no denial that the field of statistical machine learning has importance less than anything in the world. But when the term “self-learning” allures the mind of common being, it is hard to imagine the power of it alone. Where it is a proud thing to tag along the golden words of “self-made” on yourself, when it comes to machine, it simply means a lot of data access. Robotics and [1]artificial intelligence are the two wheels of same car, the other two of which could be cloud and cognitive computing.

Intelligent cloud is the term that has been given to the combination of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This union represents and evaluates the wonders of technology in fields that were once considered to be all manual. The idea behind having the access of cloud system with machine learning deploys the main theme of affordable computing and extra-efficient processing power. The basics of core performance for any system.

Where [2]cognitive computing depends on what’s being provided to it, the access of excessive amount of data helps the well-being of it’s growth. To break it down in simpler words, artificial intelligence turns his head on the movement of machine learning and for a machine to learn, data is the main resource. Joining it with the network of [3]cloud computing, enables the machine learning process to proceed with the large amount of information that it provides. Since cloud computing is not a static form of data storage capacity, it regulates, updates and integrates at every single minute or access. Which means machine associated with the system have an ongoing process of learning and adapting new things. A lot like how our brain system works. However, the access is still dependent and the lack of choice and will is what makes it a mechanical mind and not a human.

Lately, AI have made immense development in the field of chat bots and personal assistance. Before it the limitations of only fixed questions made it obvious that a person is with a machine. Making it less-authentic and annoying. But with the advancement of AI into personal assistance programs and especially in chat bots, the experience is much more. Integrated with cloud, it is even better then asking a human for any information. However, the possibility of breach and the issue of filter scares us. But on the other hand, it is indeed helpful as well.  With digital transformation and the continuity of web spreading thread, technological inventions like intelligent cloud makes it more efficient and effective. By paving the way of immediate access, fast processing and ready to use analyzed data. According to an [4]IBM article, where they say and it quotes like;

“Digital transformation has become an ongoing process rather than a one-time goal, with market-attuned companies continually on the hunt for the next big technology shift that gives them a competitive advantage. That next big shift is the fusion of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which promises to be both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change.”

Keeping all this in mind, artificial intelligence’s future is almost here. But the point of focus is that, if and when machines will elevate from the status of dependency to completely self-learned and woke. This also demands providing a machine, the whole-scale access of parametric knowledge and that is something we are still afraid of.






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