Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses in the UK of Harnessing the Power of Cloud


Technology trend changes every year but not the core of the technology. Cloud services in the UK have proved this point. Until now, IT network, its applications and tools has helped many small and medium scale businesses. However, the times have changed. Now it is the time to adopt new technology or combination of technologies to take your businesses to new heights. The business transformation should always reflect the investment in technology to the revenue of the business. This ratio should always be towards the positive side. This blog will help you to understand the advancement of technology and its benefits after implementing them efficiently. The technologies include Cloud computing, information technology, digital transformation, agile and business solutions. You can also look at best cloud service in London for your business to understand the effect.

Why choose cloud computing and digital transformation?

Present IT network infrastructure has many problems in the system. Need for stable, reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure has risen to a new level. Many researches also back this claim. If we look at the small scale and medium scale businesses in the UK, we do see a big transformation. Many businesses in the UK are adopting cloud-computing, microservices, agile and digital transformation to increase the overall performance of the company.

Advantages and benefits of cloud harnessing in a small and medium scale business

Benefits are many and its effect on business is tremendous. Majority of the sectors like banking, higher education institutions, financial firms, real estate business, technology business, E-commerce; automobile, healthcare and other sectors heavily rely on best cloud services in the UK and digital transformation. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  1. Cost-effective infrastructure

The biggest advantage of cloud computing and digital transformation is cost-effective network and services to the company. Complete IT infrastructure involves a lot of investment, which includes buying of new network components, Virtual servers, network tools, power systems, and data centres. The cost also increases because the network needs maintenance labour. Therefore, by implementing cloud and digital transformation you will reduce overall cost.

  1. Scalability

Cloud computing services provide scalability. As the system needs upgrading, scalability becomes very important. With time businesses will need more storage, advanced equipment and more robust configuration. In the cloud computing there is no need to worry as the services offer dynamic systems. You can opt for best cloud computing in the UK for your business.

  1. Quick deployment time

Gone are those days when the businesses invested a lot of time in installing and configuring the software and applications. Now, with the cloud computing and digital transformation, the installing and configuration of services is not needed.

  1. Pay as you use facilities

Initially, businesses and companies used to buy services. They had to pay for the services even if they did not use the services. Because of pay as you use service, you will save more money easily.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses need to have flexibility in their network. Cloud computing assists businesses to use and list their services from a single platform. With the availability of different models of cloud computing and microservice, it is possible to increase flexibility.

  1. Security

This is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing. The cloud services and hosting uses a high level of a security system. Some of the systems include Cryptography security systems with techniques like remote login, single sign-on and AES encryption.

  1. Recovery system

Small and large-scale business system needs to include recovery system for the data. If the data is lost because of the unexpected phenomenon, the business may lose important data. Cloud computing like DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service helps in this regard.

  1. The efficiency of business increases

Because of cloud, the small scale and medium scale business will never have downtime. There will be no interruption in the business operation. Best cloud computing services in the UK will provide all these services.

Government Aid

The UK government is encouraging the small and medium scale businesses to use the cloud services and digital transformation. The government has already provided aid for some of the business sectors.

Long-term effects of cloud computing on business

Cloud computing and digital transformation will have a lot of positive impact on the businesses for long-term. Some of the benefits are low investment, high revenue, better application for business, data integration and segregation, cloud security and many more.

Why choose Thought Agile?

Thought agile is one of the best cloud computing service provider in London and UK. The company uses systematic agile and digital transformation approach to provide high-quality services to small and medium scale business sectors. As the company offers all kinds of IT solutions, cloud harnessing and professional business solutions, your business will see positive growth with time. The company has adapting framework for automation. The one-stop-shop approach of the company assists your business in every step to get most out of your investment. Contact us to transform your business to new levels.


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