Cloud Computing outlook for small and medium business in UK in 2019

We live in a complex digital world. A world that is progressing at a pace faster than it ever did in human history. For entrepreneurs, evolving using latest technologies is instrumental to their business’s success. Cloud Computing1 is a resource which can be beneficial to start up’s and medium sized businesses due to its expandability. If we look towards the future i.e. 2019 and beyond, cloud computing is likely to reap hopeful outcomes for businesses in the UK.

Progress to the future requires evaluation of the past. According to Statista2, over 84% of businesses in the UK use cloud computing as of 2015. Even the British government supports this shift in business management strategy by spending a whopping 533.6 million pounds on cloud infrastructure in 2015. The small and medium business industry stood at 1.9 billion pounds as of 2014 out of which 65% state that their greatest asset in technology infrastructure are cloud services. Most mid-market companies host up to two cloud services, most of them internally.

These figures are indicators of the rise of cloud infrastructure in workplaces around England. The unprecedented access to applications across the Internet, which comes along with cloud computing, gives businesses an edge to progress and for good reason. Cloud computing has several features which are especially beneficial to small businesses which aim to grow. These include:

  • Software Updates and Security

Servers are operational even outside your infrastructure which means your supplier will take care of any such hassle and also update your software on a regular basis. This means that small business entrepreneurs focus on the non-technical side of things such as expansion. This unique flexibility is especially useful for developing businesses that may have to scale up or down according to their needs.

Cloud storage also allows for emergency data recovery in case of a security breach. Breaches which can otherwise result in disastrous losses which small businesses cannot afford. This is why, according to the Aberdeen Group3, small and medium sized businesses use cloud based data recovery services much more often than market giants.

  • Increase in workplace efficiency

For up and coming firms and agencies, cloud hosting works like a charm for office management. Access to documents and project management software’s from anywhere on the globe results in businesses offering flexible hours to their employees along with an increase in workplace efficiency.

A central storage provides a unified communication within organizations with greater collaboration between employees.

  • An affordable solution

No need to buy excessive space for your documents and projects. The Cloud can store astronomical amount of data without the need of space occupying hardware.

These are just a few of the benefits that small businesses can reap from cloud computing. In 2019, cloud computing is a mainstream phenomenon without which you can forget about growing in today’s competitive market! This technology was formerly unattainable without a large capital but as the world advances more and more organizations can use cloud computing to gain access to business data and applications from all over the world.


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