1) The client needed a customized and effective automation solution to enable its agents, employees, and customers to efficiently communicate and collaborate.

2)  Proper execution of all internal and external process steps and procedures and storage of documents in the appropriate company document repositories.


  • A custom solution was provided which allowed for robust automation of back-office processes as well as the integration of the current CRM, eSignature, and Financial systems. We studied the requirements and suggested three best solutions from which client picked the one that best suited their needs.
  • Tracking and managing new leads became simpler and quicker which in turn allowed the client to follow-up with customers at the right times.
  • Storage of Information at a single place allowed easy and fast accessibility and exchange of information as and when required.
  • Client Interaction – Client was able to get in touch with their customers through telephony, email, live chat, and social media.
  • A Marketing Solution was included in the overall solution which resulted in better email campaign creation and management.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:  “The CRM solution developed by Thought Agile has greatly helped us to reduce processing deficiencies and improve efficiency and productivity”.