Client makes digital payments and online checkout processes simple, fast, safe, and easy for an 800 million strong electronically connected user base.


  • To help analyze the client’s cloud business, identify problems, propose plans to improve operational performance, and rapidly implement working solutions.
  • To increase the success-rate-optimization
  • To simplify their business logic
  • Avoid transaction failures when at the Payment Gateway window


Our Cloud Solution : Using Our Test Solution for DevOps –we created a dynamic test infrastructure with all versions of browsers installed and ran a simple URL test which lead us to identify the root cause of the client’s problem.

  • A Marketing Solution was included in the overall solution which resulted in better email campaign creation and management.


  •  The client can now clearly comprehend the data they were collecting and immediately detect issues and loopholes.
  • An immediate increase in the success rate & eventual reduction in forward failure rates.
  • Client now operates with greater confidence and delivers a higher quality of service to its customers after engaging our services.
  • Improved operational efficiencies & service delivery which has resulted in greater revenues and higher customer retention rates for Client.