In this rapidly evolving professional landscape, continuous learning is paramount. At Thought Agile, we appreciate the significance of professional development for career advancement and provide bespoke training courses for individuals and organisations.

Here's how our training and courses can progress your career

  • Bridge the knowledge and skill gap
  • Demonstrate your credibility and commitment
  • Provide industry-recognised certification in a brief period
  • Aid in gaining specialisation
  • Offer better job and financial opportunities
  • Serve as a fast-track gateway to career success

Training & Coaching

At Thought Agile, we understand that effective learning goes beyond course delivery. Our Training and Coaching service is designed to provide continuous professional development to individuals and teams. Our experts don’t just impart knowledge, they mentor learners, helping them to apply new skills effectively in their work environment. From mastering AgilePM to acing Six Sigma methodologies, our trainers coach learners to ensure they can translate theory into practice and make a significant impact on their professional growth and business performance.


In an ever-evolving industry landscape, keeping abreast of the latest trends and best practices is crucial. Our Consultancy service provides organisations with strategic guidance on enhancing workforce capabilities. We help you identify skill gaps, recommend suitable training programmes, and create effective learning strategies that align with your business objectives. Our expert consultants leverage their deep industry knowledge to ensure your team is equipped with the skills needed to drive your organisation forward.

Services to Non-Profits

At Thought Agile, we believe in empowering all sectors of society with professional development opportunities. Our Services to Non-Profits offer tailor-made training solutions that meet the unique needs and budget constraints of non-profit organisations. We understand the critical role these organisations play in society, and we’re committed to helping them maximise their impact through effective skill enhancement. Whether it’s project management or business analysis training, we ensure non-profit teams are equipped to deliver their best work in serving their mission.